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Foto del prodotto BTicino HD4431N

BTicino HD4431N

Passive Infrared Switch 200 Watt - Relay Output 2 Ampere Resistance \/ 2A Induction - 230 Vac - White

141,47 € x 1 PCE
Vat Included
Model (MPN): BTicino HD4431N
Disponibilità: Disponibile
Product Type: Merce
SKU: 25953 - EAN: 8005543615423
Unità Misura: PCE

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Last Update: 01/01/2021

Packaging Data: BTicino HD4431N

Type of packaging CARTONE
Weight (Kg) 0,255
Dimensions (m) 0,065 x 0,145 x 0,070
Volume (cm^3) 0,066
Content 5,00 PCE
Intrastat 85365080
Tipper (1=yes,0=no) 1
Package EAN 8005543615430
Type of packaging ASTUCCI
Weight (Kg) 0,045
Dimensions (m) 0,027 x 0,058 x 0,060
Volume (cm^3) 0,009
Content 1,00 PCE
Intrastat 85363010
Tipper (1=yes,0=no) 1
Package EAN 8012199030807
Type of packaging CARTONE
Weight (Kg) 0,267
Dimensions (m) 0,065 x 0,145 x 0,070
Volume (cm^3) 0,066
Content 5,00 PCE
Intrastat 85363010
Tipper (1=yes,0=no) 1
Package EAN 8012199536972


Passive infrared switch, opens up new perspectives in the automation sector, allowing the switching on of equipment automatically when people pass (for example, the light turns on without operating a switch or button). It is possible to adjust the intervention threshold of the luminaire according to the natural lighting of the environment and adjust the switch-off delay after the last movement detected, to optimize performance. The effective range can be increased by installing several devices in different points with the outputs in parallel. The volumetric coverage is ensured by 3 levels of A, B and C rays oriented at 2, -6e-30 degrees with respect to the installation axis and extends for 4 meters. .<\/p>

Main features<\/h3>
  • Power suppl

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