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Tecnoware Exa Series - for pellet stoves and boilers

Domestic heating systems such as pellet stoves, heaters and thermo-fireplaces are electronically managed and require electricity for operation. In the event of power failures or power surges, the heating system may stop or interrupt normal operation. The same applies to any fume extraction systems that are often integrated with the heating systems. In addition, the power supply network is subject to frequent disturbances of various kinds generated by atmospheric events, appliances in operation, etc. which can damage the electronics of the heating system. Pellet stoves: in the event of a power failure, the pellet stove electronics are deactivated by interrupting its functions. In this condition, even if the partial combustion of the pellets left in the crucible does not generate smoke inside the combustion chamber, thanks to the natural draft, a manual cleaning of the crucible would still be necessary, before re-lighting the stove. Considering that the ignition phase takes about 15 minutes, this means that, due to a power interruption of a few minutes, the heating system could remain off for 30 minutes. Smoke extraction systems: in the event of a power failure, any electrically managed smoke extraction systems, which can be integrated into the heating system or added separately, cease to function, aggravating the situation of the heating system already in having to manage an emergency phase.

In the event of a power failure, the EXA LCD UPS guarantee the operation of the heating system and the correct operation of electric motors integrated into pumps, fans, fume extractors or automatisms that compose the system itself. The extreme robustness, the multifunction display combined with the delivery of a perfectly sinusoidal wave guarantee maximum safety and ease of installation. Installing an UPS EXA LCD is fast, safe and no special technical preparation is required. Everything happens in two simple steps: The EXA LCD UPSs have been designed and manufactured in full compliance with the requirements of the LVD electrical safety directives (2014/35 / EU) and EMC electromagnetic compatibility (2014/30 / EU) and consequently marked and CE certified.

UPS EXA LCD, typical autonomy * Additional interface If the stove is equipped with a CEZA brand control system, then it is also possible to connect the CEZA CZ033 interface to the UPS, establishing direct communication with the stove. In this way, if at the time of blackout the stove is in the ignition phase the shutdown procedure will immediately start. If, on the other hand, at the time of blackout, the stove was already in operating status (not in transient states of ignition of any type), the OFF command will arrive approximately 10 minutes after the power failure. In both cases, the autonomy of the UPS will still suffice to allow the regular and complete operation of the stove shutdown procedure. This means that any residual pellets in the stove crucible will be burned and that the combustion fumes will not come out in the home.

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