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Jotto has arrived! The SMART timer-thermostat!

Main features

  • EASY TO USE: Easy to install and to use thanks to its extremely intuitive interface;
  • DESIGN: The Thermostat is designed and produced in Italy. Functional and customizable design with colored rings;
  • FREEDOM OF USE: Using bluetooth technology to adjust the temperature is not bound by electric cables or routers;
  • ONLINE AND OFFLINE: Fully adjustable locally or via the Jotto-termo app

Create a comfortable environment and save on energy costs with the jot


Install the Jotto thermometer in 3 simple steps.In the box you will find everything you need to perform the installation of Jotto. Connect the Gateway to the boiler, or, in case you already have another one thermostat, replace it instead of the old one. Place Jotto wherever you like, thanks to battery power and to bluetooth 4.1 technology you will not have wire constraints and it will not be necessary a router for local temperature regulation. Jotto is easily programmable through its rotary ring and to the single button to facilitate menu navigation. With the "Jotto-Termo" application you can view and program the chronothermostat temperature in real time from your smartphone. Do you always have the minutes counted and you are often away from home? Thanks to the "Jotto-Termo" App you can control the temperature and optimize consumption even when you're away from home. Simply connect Jotto to a Wifi network to adjust it anywhere you are.

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