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Rib gate: The App that opens all the doors for you

RIB GATE + Electronic Panels

Compatibility with every type of gate

Can be connected to any automation brand to open and close the gate, the gate, the barrier via bluetooth via the free RIB GATE app

Remote control of all home access

It can also control pedestrian opening and blocking of the open gate.

Integrated GPS system for automatic opening

Automation can also be controlled with geolocation (android and iOS) or with the command "shake" (android).

Management of scheduled accesses via SMS

It is possible to manage the inputs at predefined times for specific users with the optional "clock module" tab.

Remote assistance and troubleshooting

It is possible to manage automation remotely using the Wi-Fi network with the optional "Wi-Fi module" card.

With APP + and the free RIB GATE app you can operate automations of any brand from your smartphone or Apple Watch

Download RIB GATE from Apple Store or Google Play and have APP + installed on your automatic gate!

You will:

  • open, stop and close the gate / garage / barrier
  • operate the gate with the "shake" option (with Android)
  • operate the gate simply by approaching it, thanks to the geolocation that can be enabled
  • open the gate only partially to pass a pedestrian
  • What can be done more?

    The installer, landlord, condominium or company administrator can:

    • enable or disable smartphones by simply entering their phone number
    • block the open gate for the most varied needs (parties, continuous passage for works, etc.)
    • enable the individual user in time (APP + with the clock module) determining days and times in which he is allowed to operate the automation. (For example for employees of a company or a domestic worker. This creates a real access control)

      What can the installer do?

      Here is what only installers can do:

      • view all installed installations
      • record or delete smartphone users or individual remote controls (lost or stolen)
      • share installations with colleagues from the same installation company
      • view the total cycles performed by the automation since it was activated and since the last maintenance was done
      • update the control panel software in a few seconds, again via Bluetooth on your smartphone
      • vary dozens of parameters of the electronic control unit (RIB control panels series L1, B2 and P1)
      • Clock module

        To allow access on certain days and at certain times only to certain remote controls (with radio module) or to certain smartphones (via BT, WLAN or LAN).

        Wi-Fi Module

        To command the gate from great distances, to manage accesses (if the clock module is installed).

        RJ45 module

        To be used if there is no Wi-Fi coverage where the APP + card is installed

        The management of all plant data is managed in an area reserved for the installer in the free RIB cloud.

        RIB CLOUD is easy to use and adds security to your data in addition to remote system diagnostics (with APP + with Wi-Fi or RJ45 module).

        SOURCE: Flyer Rib

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