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The right conditioners for every need

Founded in 1978, this year Naicon celebrates its 41 springs specializing in residential air conditioning, where it offers cutting-edge technological solutions through the Diloc division. The range featured for 2019 is that of Frozen DC Inverter air conditioners, equipped with a backlit display and Wi-Fi predisposition to be able to control all functions from anywhere in the world: also for checking the extinguishing, for users obsessed by the doubt of having it left on. The multisplit models, with only the external unit that manages multiple internal splits, range from 4 KW to just under 13 KW. With these machines it is possible to air-condition any room, from the living room to the bedrooms

For all tastes

For those who do not like the sight of indoor split wall units, it is possible to propose the installation of ducted models, which leave only the ventilation grilles visible. Another option is the very thin and rectangular floor-ceiling models, equipped with a special electronics that allows them to be installed on the wall, at floor level, or high up on the ceiling. The energy efficiency of the FROZEN range allows tax deductions . the end user can request through the Thermal Account, obtaining a short-term refund that reduces the expense incurred. Among the Naicon solutions there are also the Easy Design models with low environmental impact, which do not require an external unit; to find out more, see page 14 of the DILOC 2019 catalog, which can be downloaded from the company website www.naicon.com or viewed on paper from your trusted retailer.

Other solutions

The DILOC range is completed with the transportable D.IGLU1.2 model, with dehumidifiers equipped with wheels and small dimensions (D.18TU and D.22TU) and with air curtains that can be installed above the entrance door to shops to improve energy efficiency, avoid the entry of small insects, dust and exhaust gases from the road, making the microclimate of the room healthier.

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