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BFT | Customization of remote controls

The logo of your company or that of your customers is important for Bft! That's why, thanks to an exclusive and innovative production process, we are able to print it on our remote controls with a photographic yield and with a level of detail never seen before.

From today all our customers can request, starting from a minimum batch of 100 pieces, printing their logo or any other image on our remote controls, choosing the one of the color that most prefer: from the white "Clear Ice", to the red "Vineyard", passing through the iallo "Sunrise", until you get to the blue "Deep sea" (the latter in the variant 2 or 4 channels).

You can also request the customization of the "Replay" remotes that allow you to copy an existing remote control into easy and fast way! Mitto Replay is the most practical solution for duplicating Bft!

It is also possible to request the customization with the own logo or with an image of the radio controls present in the packages equipped with a serial number label. With these transmitters it is possible to meet the needs of large condominium or hotel facilities. Thanks to the U-Base software, inserting these remotes into the receiver's memo can be done in 100-piece blocks in just a few moments! Storing a large number of transmitters has never been so easy and immediate!

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