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Digital multimeter TRMS MD612
The digital multimeter ideal for daily work, multi-function, TRMS 1000V / 10A, with high safety features. All the functions of professional multimeters and measurement of capacitance of capacitors and temperature through optional probe. Electronically protected against incorrect insertions in the resistance measurement and, using a fuse with a high breaking capacity, in the current measurement: designed for your safety. Incorporates the relative "REL" calculation function: the instrument automatically processes the differential value between the set reference value and the measured one, for more immediate readings. Designed and built to operate in harsh environmental conditions (from -10 ° C at + 50 ° C) and for use in poorly lit environments thanks to the large display with blue backlight. Automatic scale change and auto-off function to make operations easier.

TRMS AC Clamp Meter
CM3289 is an amperometric clamp for AC which incorporates a measurement toroid with high construction technology, made with a sensor wrapped in air (without an iron-magnetic core), with a thickness of the jaws of only 8.3mm and a "drop" shape that allow it to be used in particularly chaotic electrical situations and in very restricted spaces. Shockproof and suitable for use between -25 ° C and + 65 ° C. CM3289 can embrace cables of section up to 33mm without requiring ample space for opening and inserting the toroid in the electrical panel. The CT6280 amperometric sensor can be coupled (optional) with an internal diameter of 130mm, which allows measuring AC alternating current up to 4200A.

Multifunction instrument for checks on electrical systems AS5060LIGHT
AS5060LIGHT is a multifunction instrument dedicated to the electrical safety checks of civil and industrial electrical systems according to the provisions of the CEI 64-8 standard and of the D.M. 37/08. The ergonomic shape and the supplied kangaroo case make it easy to use in the most inconvenient situations, as the operator can "wear" the instrument and operate freely with the test leads and the control keyboard. The AS5060light multifunctionals have a comparator function that allows you to automatically compare the measured value with the configured reference threshold, displaying the result of the test (good / failed) with additional LED signal (green / red). In support of ease of use, the display shows the ONLINE DRIVING function which displays the connection scheme to be implemented according to the selected test.

  • Continuity test of protective and equipotential conductors, with 200mA test current
  • Measurement of insulation resistance with 50/100/250/500 / 1000Vdc test voltage
  • Measurement of the earth resistance with the 2-pole and 3-pole volt-ammeter method using the optional kit
  • Measurement of the LOOP fault ring impedance and calculation of the presumed fault and short-circuit current
  • Measurement of earth resistance from the socket with test current <30mA which avoids the intervention of the differential (TT system)
  • Verification of the intervention time and current of RCD type A, AC, B and F differential circuit breakers, General and Selective, in an automatic and single-test manner, for rated tripping currents from 10mA to 1000mA
  • AC voltage measurement in true value Efficare T-RMS and indication of phase rotation direction
  • Internal memory for recording 1800 results, USB connection interface and AsiLink-PRO software for transferring and displaying test results as well as for the preparation of the relative annex to be included in the plant's declaration of conformity
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