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Plana: essential with panache

Rigorous in design, elegant in look, refined in details. Plana naturally enters the various environments and in everyday life, managing and distributing energy without waste thanks to an intelligent technology with intuitive controls that regulates lights, temperature, comfort and safety devices. With Plana the energy of the whole house is governed in the sign of an all-Italian essentiality.
The keys - white to fit lightly in any environment or Silver for a touch of technological brilliance - combine with versatility in the colors and materials of the plates for a highly elegant effect.
Soft gradations alternate with fresh and crystalline colors in the Reflex plates. Warm and soft colors are found in solid wood plates. Refined and polished shades characterize the metal plaques and informal colors enhance the technopolymer ones.
Essential lines give shape to keys of different sizes and backlit with soft light at very low consumption. Intuitive laser-engraved symbologies suggest the various functions. Silent mechanisms operate the controls - tilting, infrared or with remote control - that allow you to control all the functions of the house.

Plana welcomes you in Matera, European Capital of Culture

In the heart of the ancient Sassi, the original urban nucleus of the city - some structures dating back to 1600 have been restored and reinvented to accommodate the new spaces of a widespread hotel, Corte San Pietro.
The project has succeeded in combining historic places with the comfort of hospitality embellished with elegant and timeless design elements.
Exactly like the Plana series, chosen to allow guests and staff to have an impeccable control of electricity and lighting.

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