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Pattern Your Life


On next May 11 the Maschio Angioino will host the works of nearly two hundred talents from Italy and the world, accompanied by the support of a dozen companies, fablabs and makerspaces that have been collaborating in the project for months.

Pattern Your Life is a mosaic of colorful pieces that show the various possibilities of realization of the emerging technologies of digital fabrication, as well as giving an essay of the creative abilities of the young people of our territory. From the urban fabric of Naples to the Korean window, from the desert dunes to the voronous, from the volute of the capital to the stylistic elements of the Viennese secession, from the mashrabiyya to the labyrinth of the cathedral of Chartres: these are some of the Pattern Your Life projects.

An exhibition, a symposium, a competition and an awards ceremony to give impetus to a simple and clear message: we can achieve almost everything. This is the motto that accompanies the digital maker and artisan movement, which has been active in the Campano area for years in a creative and virtuous way.

Pattern Your Life is an idea by Rossella Siani, architect, Ph.D. and lecturer at the Department of Architecture of the Federico II University and part of the larger VAHA project, which, with the help of ArrowSoft, a company of programming, it becomes a telematic community for sharing experiences on digital fabrication, which currently hosts this and other projects (www.vaha.it)

Pattern experimentation is born in the academic field. Theoretical studies, practical exercises, work with students are the first ingredients of this story; the FabLab Naples, Hub Makerspase, Medaarch, Mnemosyne3D, De Artis Digitale, Proplus, The Spark Creative Hub, 3D Italy, Tyche, Fabrika from various regions of Campania are all involved, together with Vactorealism from Milan and FabFacrory from Rome. and finally D-Shape, one of the giants of 3D scale architectural printing. The project becomes a competition involving students and professionals. The companies offer training meetings, support for the realization, use of the machinery and finally also the prizes for the competition.

Naples Lovemark welcomes the project and offers with great professionalism the organization of the event at the Maschio Angioino and looks forward to other future meetings, including an exhibition at the end of May at the Castel dell'Ovo. And it is not the first castles that host the multifaceted patterns, already last July sixty pieces of the project were welcomed by BACAS in the Macchiaroli Castle of Teggiano, in the launch event of an international and multidisciplinary project for the enhancement of ancient villages. Pattern Your Life is an open-structure project, it is expected that the current two hundred patterns will be joined by others for a mosaic in continuous growth, and the designers who today come from various provinces of Campania, but also from Argentina, Spain, Turkey, Poland, China, will be increasingly diverse and heterogeneous, to enrich the mosaic with diversity.

Anyone with a basic background in design can approach the project and take part in it to create their own pattern and at the same time learn the rudiments of digital fabrication technologies, and thus become an active part of the ongoing innovation.

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