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BFT Maxima Ultra - The new road barrier

The new Maxima Ultra 36 is a professional electromechanical barrier powered by 230 VAC with a high frequency of use. Equipped with a three-phase asynchronous motor with inverter, the Maxima Ultra 36 manages gates from 2 to 6 meters with a single model, which can be set via the electronic control unit.

Designed and designed to operate in the most varied conditions of use, it is particularly suitable for applications in large car parks, motorway toll booths, industrial installations or other gates with very frequent passages.

The mechanical rod-crank movement is able to give great fluidity to the movement of the rod, managing at the same time the slowdowns in opening and closing. The same mechanism is able to ensure high anti-vandalism protection towards the gearmotor, which in this way is more protected.

Equipped with U-Link protocol, it allows integration into Parking Management or Building Management System. Thanks to the hair with RGB lights (optional), the barrier is equipped with traffic light control: the light sees signals the open passage, while the light red light signals the closed passage. Furthermore, it is able to communicate via self-diagnostics if there are problems with its functioning e signal them with a color code without any need to access the control unit.

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