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AVE - Home automation between App and voice commands

The DOMINA plus system by AVE extends the range of functions through a proprietary cloud with a dedicated app and compatibility with the main voice assistants on the market.

Domotica IoT ready
Available for iOS and Android devices, the AVE Cloud app allows you to manage any automation and function integrated in the home automation system directly from smartphones and tablets (or from PCs via an Internet page). At any time and place you can stay in touch with your home, exactly as if you were facing one of the elegant DOMINA plus Touch Screen supervisors: displaying the icons related to the functions to be managed or, turning the smartphone horizontally, virtually navigating among the rooms of the house through graphic maps. AVE Cloud allows you to customize the scenarios using your smartphone based on where you are, through the geolocation of the device. Leaving the perimeter of the house, for example, the scenario "Esco" will be activated and the house will do everything by itself: closing the gate, lowering the blinds, turning off the lights and inserting the alarm. You can also connect from multiple devices simultaneously, without limits, so as to meet the needs of each user. The App is structured to manage even more systems, to supervise ad example the second homes. AVE Cloud can be connected to the burglar alarm system and to water and gas detectors: in case of alarm, it sends push notifications to the owner's smartphone.

Voice commands
The AVE Connect service allows you to control DOMINA plus with the main voice assistants on the market, both through the respective apps and through the related smart speakers. Thus, all the internal functions grateful from the AVE home automation system, even the most advanced, can be recalled with a tap or via interrogative voice commands I give the Assistants directly. In practice, the home automation system can be controlled natively by the digital assistant of the house, which can very well also control other IoT devices, functions or "routines", ie sequences of actions programmed to meet the primary needs and daily actions.

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