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Smart Doorbell That Allows Audio / Video Communication From The Door To The Smartphone / Tablet Using The Wi-Fi Network - Wi-Fi Visa Kit

246,44 €
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Model (MPN): Comelit KITVISTO
Product Type: Merce
SKU: 1404927 - EAN: 8023903346008
Product Series: VISTO
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The Product Comelit KITVISTO is a kit composed by:



Smart doorbell that allows audio / video communication from the door to the smartphone / tablet using the Wi-Fi network. Complete with adapter to use the existing bell power supply (12 ÷ 20VAC or 12 ÷ 33VDC) and to interface the existing bell. With the Visa app you will always be in touch with what is happening at home, whether you are in town or in another country. Dark graphite RAL9011 color.
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Vega question: "What kind of packaging contains this product? Could you provide more informations about this product?"
Mr.Wolf answer: The Comelit KITVISTO is provided in CARTONE , with this size: 0,042 x 0,076 x 0,234 (expressed in meter). The package volume is around 0,075 (expressed in cm^3) and the average weight is around 0,254 (expressed in Kg).

VincentVega question: L'applicazione per android e iphone è gratuita vero?
DI BIAS answer: Si, gratuita e scaricabile dagli store Google Play e Apple

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