Containers and Boxes

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Cover round? 76mm white label
EUR 0,95
Vat Included
Cover 82x82mm white labels
EUR 1,36
Vat Included
Cover 101x101mm white label
EUR 2,03
Vat Included
Cover rett.per white box inc.3M
EUR 1,92
Vat Included
Wall box 12-14M white
EUR 28,96
Vat Included
Box bottom wall 3M P40mm
EUR 4,22
Vat Included
Wall box 1-2M P43, 5mm white
EUR 3,66
Vat Included
2M P30mm white wall box
EUR 4,49
Vat Included
White wall box 3M P40mm
EUR 4,08
Vat Included
Wall box 3M P48mm ivory
EUR 4,40
Vat Included
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