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You can buy a wide range of switch plates by choosing from the best manufacturers. Let's start with the Ave switch plates: you can choose from the new 44 series design of the new Tekla 44 range, Retrò, Young Touch, Touch, Domus Touch, Life Touch, Allumia Touch to the traditional 45 series switch plates with the Banquise, Noir range. Blanc and Ral. Let's continue with the Bticino switch plates: if you want a qualitative leap and the maximum automation in your home you can choose the new LivingNow series, through the LivingLight, Axolute switches and the traditional Matix, Magic and Luna switches. The Electrochannel switch plates are very well known: you can buy the switch plates for the MyLfe, New Prestige and Tondò series. The Gewiss switch plates offer different application and style options: the Chorus series with its One, Geo, Lux, Art, Ice and One International switchgear plates, Geo International, Lux International or the switch plates for the System and Playbus series . Among the Legrand switch plates, the choice falls between the Vela and Soliroc series with international design in all respects. Urmet Simon offers various solutions with its Expi Touch, Nea Expi, Nea Flexa, Nea Flexa Rock and Nea Kadra switch plates. ABB offers plates for the Mylos, Chiara and Elos civil series. Finally, one of the most important brands on the national territory regarding switch plates, or the Vimar: the Eikon, Arké, Plana and Idea series guarantee a unique design in the panorama of switch plates.

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Premium Shipment
 Anodized aluminium front plates Mink brown colour - 2 (1+1) module
EUR 1,73

Network Availability: 1
Premium Shipment
 BLANC 45  moulded front plates Blanc white (RAL 1013) colour - 2 modules
EUR 3,04

Network Availability: 5
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