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Your home automation: smart and connected.

Choosing Domotics means preferring an innovative and easy-to-use technology that combines functionality, comfort, aesthetics and respect for the environment.
Thanks to all its features, the system will think for you all the functions of the house according to your needs and your desires, allowing you to customize the functions according to the user and save on the energy bill!
The home automation system simultaneously controls and automates the management of electrical systems, appliances and all appliances operating in the home. You just have to enjoy the simplicity, with just one simple gesture.

The Scenari function further simplifies the management of the home: just set each function under one name your house will adapt to your needs. For example, if you move away from home, the shutters close, the heating stops, the lights go out and the management of the loads enters the energy saving mode.
Through the Comfort function you can control all the functions of your home, wherever you are, using your smartphone.
Through the Security function you can answer video door entry calls, control cameras or activate / deactivate the alarm system, both at home and away from home.

Your automated home

With home automation, manage lights intelligently to achieve maximum energy savings.
The roller shutter automation simplifies your life: the home automation system will work for you, in your place you will raise and lower the blinds every day.
The multiroom audio function will allow you to listen to different music in each room via the Hi-Fi system in your home.

The home automation system is an investment that over time saves time, effort, but also costs, thanks to the reduction in consumption of electricity, water and gas.

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