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Foto del prodotto Vimar 14520

Vimar 14520

Two Simple Push Buttons, To Complete With Interchangeable 1- Or 2-Module Buttons - 2 Modules

48,74 €
Vat Included
Model (MPN): Vimar 14520
Product Type: Merce
SKU: 45134 - EAN: 8007352239579
Product Series: Vimar Plana
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Control device with two simple buttons, to complete with interchangeable buttons 1 or 2 modules - 2 modules
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Information by METEL

Last Update: 01/12/2018

Packaging Data: Vimar 14520

Type of packaging ASTUCCI
Weight (Kg) 0,115
Dimensions (m) 0,096 x 0,112 x 0,098
Volume (cm^3) 0,105
Content 1,00 PCE
Intrastat 85365080
Tipper (1=yes,0=no) 1
Package EAN 8007352239579
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